Friday, May 18, 2012

Something Unexpected Happened: Second Phase of the Jolly Roger Compound is Finished

I have been out of commission for the last week or so because I need a backiotomy or something. Yesterday was my second day up and around so I went into the shop to wait for an order and meet up with Keith Reese. Out of the blue he decided that it was a good day to "get shit done" over at the Jolly Roger Compound. I was immediately instructed to "fuck my back" and call about concrete. Being so last minute and the fact that my back is still a little jacked, I posted on facebook that anyone willing to help was welcome to come over. Brandon, Dylan and Mike showed up to fill in for my frail ass and sure enough shit got done. The new spine is a great addition that will keep us busy skating for a bit, but plans for the next phase are in the works.

Thanks to everyone out there that bought a fundraiser tee, helped out by donating their time, materials, etc.

We will be firing up the grill and having the first session tonight (Friday) at 6:30, after the shop closes. There are plenty of bricks and loose fill that need to be moved around, so all of you little kids that show up will have something to do before you skate.

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