Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Jolly Roger Skateboards is Officially Closed as of January 1, 2020

It truly has been an awesome journey for Jolly Roger Skateboards over the past 9 years but for now it is time for us to close the skate shop side of our business and move on to the next chapter.

We will be keeping our current space here at 305 North Illinois Street in Belleville as our studio space to continue to provide our creative services, such as: commercial printing, vinyl signs, screen-printing classes and print parties. As of right now we do not have any official office hours set in stone, so if you want to get a hold of us the fastest way would be to drop us an email at or to leave us a voicemail at (618) 277-7113. There is a good possibility that someone will be buying the skate shop in 2020 so when we decide to fully let go of the space there is a good chance that Jolly Roger Skateboards will live on. Until that happens you can keep following us on FB for the latest updates.

*The skate shop could not have made it as long as we have without the support of: Ron Klepin, Dave Threlkeld, Aaron Ackerman, the Vratney family, Tyler Jackson, the Hass family, the Little Family, the Confluence Crush Derby team, the SCDC Derby team, St Chucks Derby Chix, SOIL Derby Team, Far Out Wax, Joe Paskonat, Don Will, Molly Pehle & Wally B, Jack Taylor, JP at the Missouri Vortex, Otto & Dylan Whetstone, Shawn Hughes, Justin Smo, Woody Hayes, Elliot Anderson, Avian Duke, Hoof and Paw, Devin Smith, Brandon Cole, Brendan Kitterman, Zach Sutton, the Herreras, Garner Fisher, Dc Valentine, the Buehlhorns, Andy Hamilton, Joel Simmons, Adam McKee, Ryan Brinkmann, Jamison Peil, Jeff Rasp, Sk8 Liborius, KHVT, Bryan Bedwell, Deaf Bryan, Frenchie, Jonathan Harms, Rob Lawson, Casey Douglas, Steve Johnson, Tom Raniolo, Keith Reese, Jason Clasquin, Paul and Tim Jamison, Chad Crawford, Hernando Skates, Kyle Crandall, Jungle Jeff, Demon Seed Skateboards, Kenny the collector, 3 Sleeves, UMark, Katie Baird, Gravy, Conor Bunfield, Shane Graham, Grant Logan, Fat Austin, Bill Miles, Scott Ray, Jordan Anderson, Alan Anderson, Zach Friendly, Mark Curry, Ben Brooks, Ethan Toenjes, the Hindmans, Balance Coffee and Tea, Black Rabbit Coffee, the Animated Dead, Penny Lane, Love Gun Inc, Chicken on the Run, Lowcard Mag, Conspiracy Skateboards, Weird Wood, Dirty Skateboards, Tragedy Skate Co., the Carter twins, Phillip Workman, Jason Vellmer, Alex Granger, Greg Henson, the Wendes, John Kelly,, the Agnes, Andy Daubach, Matt Boone, Josh Skinner, Jeremy Stanton, the Cantwells, the Labukas clan, Eric Hoss, Tyler Lark, Tyler Wasmuth, Waffle, Defcon, Brandon Hurley, Ragtime Tattoos, Integritty Tattoos, Inkwell Tattoos, Skate and Annoy, Confusion Mag, Hoax Clothing, Hairless Ape Conspiracy, Mark Dethrow, the Vapory, STL Daggers, Escapist Skateboarding, JCL Photography, Escape 618, Bo-Bo, Pookie, Ray-Ray, and anyone else that has supported the shop over the years.

Without you all our “job” would have seemed like actual work. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


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