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                  Extruder type
                  Blown film class
                  Plastic pipe class
                  Plate (sheet) material class
                  Plastic profiles class
                  Plastic granulator class
                  Electrical machinery
                  Drip class production line
                  Plastic mesh machine category
                  Bag-making Machine
                  About us    
                  LAIWU JINGRUI PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. is the professional company to rearch,design and produce plastic machineries and plastic model of pipe,film,thread,strap,board,wire,cable,etc.The company gathered many professional designers,best reserchers,proficient operators,experieced installation workers and professional sevice person,which ensures the high-quanlity and high-performance,and realizes the high-efficiency and promptitude sevice.The company research continuously new products which have been sold to more twenty provices,cities and manicipality,and exported to many countries,such as Russia,Syria,Singapore,Afric,eastern and southern Asia,etc.The company has Self-management import and export power.
                  Since the company was established,she always insist the advanced management faith:”Taking the science and technology as the precursor,Taking the quanlity as the guarantee,Serving customers omi-directionally”,and develops energetically,innovates unceasingly,manufacture continuously satisfactory products for customers. We try our best to complete products and consummate service in order to realize the synchronization growth of company benefit and social value.
                  We believe that there are not captious customers,only imperfect products.We hope your coming, pursue your satisfaction.Your satisfaction is always the standard that we will check the quanlity of products and service.
                  We believe that there are no captious customers, only incomplete products. We look forward to you visit, and pursue your satisfaction. Your satisfaction is always the standard that we measure the quality of our products and service.
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