Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"By the Sword" Decks in Stock Now!

Mike V. needs no introduction, his unique style of ripping shit up speaks for itself. A few months ago he shocked the skateboard world by quitting one of the biggest companies to start his own company, "By the Sword", with fellow skateboarder and artist, Jason Filipow. If you were waiting to get one of these decks, the wait is over.

Whats that you ask? How can you get a "By the Sword" deck or t-shirt? Easy, just come on in and pick one up. Got a few minutes to kill? Check out these Mike V. interviews to get an idea of where "By the Sword" is coming from:

Mike V. - "The Solitary Life" Interview (PT 1)

Mike V. - "The Solitary Life" Interview (PT 2)

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