Monday, November 5, 2018

Jolly Roger GARAGE SALE This Weekend (November 10-11)

We will be having our 2018 Jolly Roger GARAGE SALE this weekend! We are cleaning up the shop and we will have: 80+ collectible VHS tapes (1980's to present), 80+ collectible DVD's (1990's to present), 200+ back issue magazines (1990's to present), new and used banners, old and new school items, shop memorabilia, artwork and more. *Some items will be priced to sell at Garage Sale prices while other more collectible items will be priced accordingly. *Don't miss out!


VHS TAPES starting at $1.00

2000’s - Skatopia, Big Brother, Anti-Hero, 1984, Church of Skatan, Deca, Anti-Hero, Image Skateboards (locals from Collinsville, IL), OP, TDS (Oklahomies), Zero, NC Clothing, éS (Menikmati), Etnies, Mike Vallely, Puzzle, Pj Ladd (Coliseum), Black Label, Real, Supernaut, Lordz, Consolidated, Thrasher, 411VM, etc...
1990’s - Blockhead, Zorlac, ACME, Planet Earth, World Industries, Real, Zero, Shortys, Element, Foundation, Zoo York, Hook-Ups, Shortys, Transworld (Skate & Snow), On Video, Props, Matt Hoffman, 411VM, etc...
1980’s - Vision, Santa Cruz, Gotcha and Lifes a Beach (BBC Board Division). ................................

DVD’s starting at $2.00

A majority of these DVD’s are from the 2000’s but there are a few from the 1990’s.
H-Street, Powell & Peralta, SMA, Almost, Consolidated, Anti-Hero, CKY, Blind, Bacon, Thrasher, Emerica, Heroin, Creature, Tiltmode, Transworld, Plan B, Element, Toy Machine, Enjoi, Real, Sk8 Mafia, Logic, 411VM, etc...

Monday, October 29, 2018

Stay Broke and Stay Woke!

New limited edition Jolly Roger "Stay Broke-Stay Woke" tees and hoodies are available now! Stop in this week and pre-pay for one of these and be the only person on this planet to own one.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Back Issue Mags!

We are trying to get prepared for our Jolly Roger GARAGE SALE. If anyone out there likes to read printed materials instead of pixels on a screen we have crates of magazines that are for sale for $15. per crate. If you are an avid reader you can get 6 crates for $60. ($10. per crate). *If you are looking to buy mags by the crate come in and pick them up asap, before our GARAGE SALE. *Back issues (from 1990’s to present) include: Thrasher, Transworld, Juice, Strength and Resolve (organized in no particular order).

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fresh Cans of Whoop Ass (Derby Style) Totes and Tanks are Back in Stock!

We just reprinted a small batch of our “Can of Whoop Ass” derby totes! We also have this graphic available on Silver racerback tanks!

"Keepin' it IL." Tees are Back!

This graphic was designed by 3sleeves (aka Joe Maulms) who would drop off these stickers for us to give away at the shop when we first opened in 2010. The stickers were so popular that he could not keep up with printing them. So every now and again we release limited runs of the tee to keep this awesome graphic alive.

Friday, October 5, 2018


We first printed this graphic (in english with a generic asian typeface that read “Jolly Roger Skateboards”) back when we opened in 2010 but we have updated it with Japanese text. *The original tee, worn by Jeff Bridges in multiple films since 1989, loosely translates to “Strongly Influential.” This tee is updated in Japanese text to loosely translate to “Jolly Roger” or “Pirate Flag.”

New Jolly Roger “Stag” Tailgate Hoodies in Stock Now!

Our tailgate hoodies come with a built in koozie for your favorite beverage and an attached bottle opener. *You can pick one up right HERE.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Our Jolly Roger GARAGE SALE will be coming up in late October or early November: We are going through our archive of various media (vhs, dvd and print) and it looks like we will be getting rid of a bunch of random historical skateboarding media and ephemera, so stay tuned to our FB for more info. Here is a brief list of items that will be available:

*VHS TAPES from the 1980's to the early 2000's, including videos from: Vision, Life's a Beach (BBC Board Division), Zorlac, Santa Cruz, Curb Dogs, ACME, Skatopia, Black Label, Thrasher, Real, Element, Zero, Etnies, 411VM, ON Skateboarding, etc…… *Skateborading, Snowboarding and a handful of BMX DVD's from the late 90's and early 2000's, including videos from: Thrasher, Zero, Shortys, Anti-Hero, Land Sharks (featuring locals Chris Casey and John Buehlhorn), etc…… *Skateborading and Snowboarding MAGAZINES from the 1990's and early 2000's from: Thrasher, Transworld, Heckler, Resolve, Juice, 411VM, etc…… *STICKERS from the late 1980's from: Santa Cruz, Hosoi, OJ, Zorlac, etc..