Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ryan Brinkmann Memorial Decks

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Ryan Brinkmann decks, drawn by Mark Dethrow and screen-printed by Jolly Roger Skateboards. If you want to help support the upcoming Ryan Brinkmann Memorial Skatepark hit up Skelly for one of these decks. They are drying now but should be available sometime next week.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Support Your Local Skate Shop (That Supports Your Rights)

Our new JOLLY ROGER CONCEAL & CARRY FLIGHT JACKETS are sick! And they are cheaper than our previous conceal & carry jackets! For $65. you can be packing two handguns and up to 4 magazines in addition to whatever you can fit in the other 4 pockets and the zippered utility pocket on the left sleeve of this jacket.

New Jolly Roger Bug Out Bags!

Don't be scared, be prepared. Our JOLLY ROGER BUG OUT BAG is not guaranteed to get you through the upcoming apocalypse but it's a start. This version of our Jolly Roger Tactical Back Pack includes: First Aid Kit, Multi Function Compass Kit (mirror, level, flint components, whistle, magnifier, led light), Travel Axe, Survival Blanket, Matches, Folding Stove with Canned Cooking Fuel, Mess Kit and Canteen Kit. And there is still room left over in this compact tactical backpack for whatever else you will need.

Restocked on Jolly Roger Back Packs!

We have more new Jolly Roger Back Packs in stock now! If you missed out on the first batch of back packs now is your chance to pick one up.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New Stuff

BONES (Swiss Bearings, Reds Bearings, Super Reds Bearings, 16 packs of Roller Bones Bearings, Bearing Tools and Roller Bones Sunglasses) ..... ROLLER BONES Turbo Wheels ..... TSG Knee Gaskets ..... and MOTA (Skate Socks, Laces and Wheel Bags).

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jolly Roger Socks are Back!

One of the most commonly asked questions that we get at the shop is when we will be printing more socks. If you don’t already know about our socks here is your chance to pick up a pair of Jolly Roger crew socks. These aren’t your typical run of the mill thin ass socks with a pretty picture on them. If you like comfy socks with a little extra cushion pick up a pair today. Because our socks are such a time consuming item to print we will only be offering them to the general public one time a year from here on out. Here is your chance to pick up a pair until the next time that we print them in mid to late 2017. Don’t snooze.