Sunday, January 23, 2011

KHVT Update

With the looming threats of our bridges demise, KHVT has been feverishly searching out new spots to develop. If anyone has ideas, spots or private property that you think would be a good place for a new park please email us at Also we are in need of some more members to our team. We are currently looking for anyone with experience in grant writing, accounting, fundraising, sales/donation solicitation, skateboarding advocacy and non profit work to help take our organization to the next level! We are a 501c3 accredited non profit organization but at this time we are only excepting volunteers. If you are interested or know someone that might be, send a brief informal resume of experience that would apply to . Helping us out would be a great resume builder and will give you a chance to give back to our community! We will take all the help we can get! We have a massive site in the works for a new park but we are still in the early stages so i cannot give out any details just yet but know that St. Louis skateboardings future is looking very bright, or should i saw dark?!?!? hint hint.....

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