Thursday, May 5, 2011

SLALOM ST. LOUIS #9 - May 28 and May 29

Memorial Day weekend + Tower Grove Park + asphalt + cones + tape switches = Slalom St. Louis! Ca$h money! Prizes! Unique trophies! Unique "attendance gift" for all racers! Free food! gOAd's haircut! Chiggy-Chiggy Chainsaw! Eddy Martinez! Sign up, show up and throw down! Do it! Do it NOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! For more info go HERE. And here is a little preview of the hill:

Friday, May 27th there will be an afternoon/evening outlaw session at "Spot 2," a slightly steeper hill at the other end of the park. Single lane, no timer, just for fun. Here is what it will look like on Friday:

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