Friday, May 13, 2011

Slight Change of Hours This Weekend Due to Skate Fest III

Step right up! Step right up and see the amazing yeti of Smithton. He is the hairiest homo sapien in captivity and he will be taking our place at the shop on Saturday and Sunday since we will be at Hermann's Hole for Skate Fest III. We are doing our best to make him civilized. We have been force feeding him fast food, rid him of evil ...spirits, baptized him, taught him to sit still through reality T.V. shows, taught him how the internet works and trained him to not respond to viagra ads, taught him to read and now we are working on the cash register. So, help the missing link learn basic cash register skills by making a purchase on Saturday or Sunday. Be easy on him if he is slow in processing your order. If he is startled or angered he might fly off in a blind rage and tear off your limbs.

*Saturday and Sunday our hours will be noon to 5:00pm.

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