Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Tees, Shop Decks, Head Gaskets and Free Squirt Guns

• New shop tees are in the works! Check out the Michael Loufek version (above) that was printed on one of his sports coats. This is the same graphic that is going to be on our new shop decks. So you better crack open the piggy bank and count out $40. worth of pennies because the decks are in the mail and will be in on Thursday.

• We are also trying to bring back the head gasket for all of you that are stuck in the 80's. Whats that you say? You are only 21 years old and you don't know what a head gasket is. Well, I could tell you but then you would just go get an old shirt, cut off a sleeve and slap it on your dome. And then where would I be? Probably broke and sitting on a pile of shirt sleeves with a crappy Jolly Roger logo printed on them.

* FREE SQUIRT GUN with every $3. head gasket purchase (while supplies last).

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