Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help a Brotha Out!

I am hoping to start working on phase II of the Jolly Roger Compound soon. The existing quarter pipe is about 2 ft. I would like to make phase II 3-4ft tall. Ultimately, the height will depend on cash flow. In order to help raise some funds for our little D.I.Y. project we have printed up some very D.I.Y. tees.

*This truly unique series of apparel is printed straight on second hand apparel of all sorts. We have a pretty good selection of tees, button ups, ladies apparel (in a variety of styles), custom cut tees, long sleeves, jackets, and anything else that we could find that seemed half way interesting. The best part about them is the price considering the average price range is $5-$8. So come on in, buy one and help us buy some concrete.

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