Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jolly Blotter - March 23, 2012

Mr.Forness of Keil's-Forness Comfort Systems located at 301 North Illinois Street in Belleville, IL. (right next to the shop) doesn't care fore skaters much and he would rather "clean your clock" than provide you with professional heating and cooling services. Keep this in mind when your furnace breaks down. He has an uncontrollable urge to call underage kids "pricks" and "pussys" and he is such a man he is not afraid of you, even if you are 50 years younger than he is. Yesterday he unlawfully took possession of a kids property (skateboard and backpack) and locked himself in his business, where he would be safe from those who he had just victimized. Throughout the ordeal he made violent threats towards the underage victim. Maybe this is standard practice in Heating and Cooling, I am not really sure, but his behavior seems suspect to me. If any customers of ours ever have a problem with him report it to the police immediately so they can better understand the situation. Contrary to Mr. Forness's territorial claims on public walkways, the police have declared that as long as no one rides their skateboard, they are free to stand under his awning or wherever they want. The sad thing is that after the situation was resolved and the police were in their car, he still made a point to verbally assault the underage victim. *We know its hard to admit when you have a problem, but If Mr.Forness would like to apologize personally for his behavior towards our customers and employees, he is more than welcome. But in the meantime, in order to protect our underage customers from potential threats, violence and theft Mr.Forness will not be allowed in our store. Our hearts go out to the Forness family and we hope that some day Mr.Forness can receive the proper care and treatment he desperately needs.

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