Sunday, June 10, 2012

Footage from Hermann's Hole Skate Fest 4

Here is a bunch of random footage from Hermann Fest 4. The next issue of our zine, the SCALLYWAG, will be dedicated to Hermann Fest so check it out in July. Thanks to all of the sponsors that made this such a great event and also thanks to all the Belleville locals that made it out there.


Big Bowl
1. Keith Reese
2. Billy Jack Kroneman
3. ???????????????

1. Scotty Laird
2. Billy Jack Kroneman
3. Kyle Crandall

Street Jam
1. Nick Gibson
2. Scotty Laird
3. Brandon Cole

Mini-Bowl Race
1. Keith Reese
2. Scotty Laird
3. Ian Hass

Best Trick - Brandon White (Rock Kickflip to Fakie in the Bowl)

Best Slam - Zac DelCortivo & Brian Patton

Gold Shovel Award
- Soup

Silver Shovel Award - Brandon Herbert

*If anyone knows the Dirtboard Race results and/or who got 3rd in the Big Bowl Contest drop us an email at jolly

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