Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tons of New Product

Here's whats new in the shop > > > BACKPACKS (Spitfire, Chocolate, Fourstar, Shake Junt, Santa Cruz, Independent), DECKS (Real, Krooked, Bacon, Baker, Chocolate, Girl, Santa Cruz, Slave, Think, Dogtown, DGK, Organika, Zoo York, Element, Birdhouse, Mini Logos), WHEELS (Bones STF, Slave, Powell Bombers, Abec 11s, Divine and a variety of other random cruiser and longboard wheels), TRUCKS (Independent, Krux, Thunders, Speed Demon, etc), T-SHIRTS (Spitfire, Shake Junt, Chocolate-Zombie Flip Ups, Girl, Toy Machine, Fourstar, Santa Cruz, Independent, Powell, Slave, Heel Bruise, That Junk, Jolly Roger and Guano), SOCKS (Creature, DGK, Fourstar, Heel Bruise, Independent, Santa Cruz, Thrasher, Toy Machine, Jolly Roger and Diamond), HATS (Fourstar and Chocolate), BELTS (Independent, Spitfire and Diamond), ASSORTED PATCHES and STICKERS, MOB GRAPHIC GRIPTAPE and you will have to come in to see the rest because I am sick of typing.


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