Thursday, August 2, 2012


The Belleville church that was vandalized wasn't in the best condition to begin with being that at least part of it is condemned by the city and it appears to have seen a couple years of neglect. But everyone's hard work paid off and from what I could tell pretty much all of the damage that was actually caused by the vandals was taken care of today. One of the kids that was involved in the incident came in with his mother, apologized and offered to help, but his offer was refused by the pastor. According to the latest news report there is still work to be done so if you still want to help out get in touch with them or just stop by. Thanks goes out to the 4 other skaters that I know of that helped out (Shane, Dylan, Grant and Tony).

*This is a serious matter that is under investigation as a possible hate crime and I think a little compassion would go a long way in this situation. "Hate" is a strong word that can also be confused or interchanged with "stupid" so lets hope that there is a just outcome to all of this.

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