Thursday, October 25, 2012

NEW Jolly Roger Online Store

Our new online store is up and running at The link to our store is now listed: (1.) On our website at the top lefthand corner of the tabs under our header and also (2.) On our website below our posted hours. It is still in the works so bare with us. There is still a lot more items going up soon. Items that may show up in the online store as "Out of Stock" or "Coming Soon" are only listed that way because we don't have many left in stock here at the shop or we just haven't had a chance to update it yet. If its pictured on the online store then chances are that we have it in stock at the shop regardless of what the inventory says online.

The goal of the online store is to give our out-of-town friends the opportunity to stock up on Jolly Roger and Guano gear. We may also offer other local brands such as That Junk and Scorched Earth Project in the future, but first we need to get set up. If you are looking to get other brands you will have to do it the old fashioned way and come into the shop.

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