Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guns Aren't the Problem, It's the Psychopaths That Misuse Them (and Politicians)

Wake up people and look around. You live in a shitty hypocritical society that no longer gives a fuck about your rights. It would be great if only you could kick back, go skateboarding and not even think about gun violence and the assholes that know whats best for everyone. But guess what, skateboarding is practically illegal too. And authorities aren't on our side there either. Have a nice day and do as your told.


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  2. In fact, stun guns can be used only by the police in some parts of the world such as India. However, there are several other places where the stun guns can be used by the public for self defense. Some of them even think that the stun guns are lethal. JERRY

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