Friday, April 19, 2013


Hermann's Hole is proud to announce that the Thrasher Skate Rock 2013 tour will be stopping at the Hole!!! Come out and see your favorite Skate Rock bands and skaters!! Show Featuring:

Bad Shit
W/ Tony Trujillo and Jake Phelps

W/ Figgy and Nuge

Ratt Black
w/SOTY David Gonzales

and another band from Japan!!

This will be a 1 day event so come early!!!
BYOB and bring your own trash bags so you can take your trash with you.

$5 for skaters, $10 for spectators

JUST BECAUSE YOUR IN THE WOODS DOESN'T MEAN THERE ARE NO RULES!!! We at Hermann's Hole make the rules and if you do not follow them YOU WILL BE EJECTED!!

1. Every single person skating or not will not be allowed onto the property without a signed waiver.

2. No fighting, being rude to anyone, arguing, snide remarks, stealing or bad vibes will be tolerated.

3. Bring your own everything. No food or drinks will be provide.

4. Bring trash bags and PACK YOUR TRASH!!! We are not your mothers and you will not be allowed back ever if you do not clean up after yourself.

5. No Pets.

6. Respect the property and others and HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

If you need directions just hit up Zumiez. They seem legit. Or, you can wait until directions are posted when its closer to the event. So, stay tuned.

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