Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Mini-Ramp Ripathon Ripped!

The MINI-RAMP RIPATHON was a success! We had riders from Texas, Tennessee, Missouri and all over Illinois show up to kill it! Thanks to all that showed up and to all of the last minute judges that stepped up to help out. The next contest will follow a different format and have a different judging system, as it was a bit chaotic being that it was our first contest.


•The 1st Place winner of the Beginners division spent the night before the contest in a St Louis hospital getting stitches in his head and his dad ended up with a new Jolly Roger Tattoo before they headed back home to Dallas, TX.

• An unconfirmed skater from Farmington, Mo got a compound fracture while skating on the way to the Belleville Skatepark.

• Keith Reese grew a full beard.

SPECIAL THANKS to all of the ENTROPY SKATEBOARD riders that showed up and the rest of our sponsors that donated product to help make it all possible.


Beginner Division
1. Cayden White
2. Gavin Labokis
3. Devin Smith

Intermediate Division
1. Rob Hardwick
2. Jason Wilson
3. Trey Thompson

Advanced Division
1. Dominic Thompson
2. Deano Tull
3. Phil Rathbone

LONGBOARD BEST TRICK AWARDS went to Troy (?) from BROBOT SKATEBOARDS and our very own JOLLY ROGER team rider, Garner Fisher.

HONORABLE MENTION: Zach Reynolds, Tony Agee, Garner Fisher, Brobot Troy, and the one guy that did that one thing.

OLLIE NORTH AWARD goes to Jon Comer.

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