Friday, November 1, 2013

Tony is Rad!

We want to give a shout out to Tony Agee and welcome him aboard our ship full of misfits over here at Jolly Roger Skateboards. When he doesn't have a girlfriend he can be quite good on a skateboard. Tony started skating when the shop opened and he has always been known to lurk around in the shadows. I used to feel bad for him because he went through a stage of breaking boards cavemaning down whatever gap the other kids would get him to jump down. He may not be the next Tony Hawk yet. But Tony has the qualities that every great skater possesses: 1. You can tell that he has has fun when he skates. 2. He has drive and is not afraid to learn multiple tricks in a single session. 3. He is the only kid in the session that skates the whole time instead of taking constant breaks to text someone, take a selfie or whatever else kids his age do besides skateboarding. 4. He is the only person that I have seen do handplant wallrides on the shop ramp. 5. And best of all, he really doesn't care what you think. Keep up the good work Tony! You suck!

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