Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jolly Roger Shop Video Coming Soon!

In the process of coming up with a concept for our shop video we decided that if you take the idea of a shop video and cut out the hype, the dvd aspect of it, the cost of packaging and all that other crap, the end result would be a 50 part mini-series on Vimeo. Check out the first episode on 07-12-14 over at JollyRogerTV on Vimeo.

*ATTENTION TEAM RIDERS: If you would like a chance to get in on this project send your video clips to If you currently get a shop discount for your "team" status, don't blow it. Send us some clips. If you can't send us clips there are other riders, with footage, that are waiting to take your spot and could use the shop discounts you are currently receiving. *Any one that supports the shop is more than welcome to send clips for consideration.

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