Wednesday, January 14, 2015

THE CLOCK IS TICKING: Jolly Roger Ramp Passes Expire this Saturday

Its a new year at Jolly Roger Skateboards and we are stoked about the new direction that the shop will be taking in 2015! We will start taking our ramp down in March to replace it with our Print Shop so that we can concentrate on the production and distribution of Jolly Roger Skateboards and apparel. We will also be offering screen-printing classes, open studio times for artists (that would like to print their own artwork, apparel and skateboards), and more. So even though we are sad to see the ramp go we are excited about the new creative atmosphere that the shop will provide. Here are a couple of the changes that the shop will be going through up until the day the ramp comes down:

• ALL RAMP PASSES will expire on January 17th so if you have free sessions left you should use them as soon as possible.

• Here is the list of team riders and supporters of the shop that will still be able to skate for free during the ramps final months:

Brendan Kitterman
Brandon Cole
Woody Hayes
Ian Hass
Justin Hays
Tyler Lark
Elliot Anderson
Shawn Hughes
Avian Duke
Ollie Kanak
The Vratneys
and all other team riders that aren't from Illinois.

• AS FOR EVERYONE ELSE its $3. to skate or you can get a free session with any deck, truck, wheel or bearing purchase (the day you make the purchase).

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