Saturday, May 16, 2015

JOLLY ROGER SKATEBOARDS: Helping Build Local Brands

This summer Jolly Roger Skateboards will be heading in new directions now that our print shop is on site. At the top of our list is helping build local brands and adding them to the Jolly Roger line up. I know, I know. Does skateboarding really need anymore new small companies diluting it further? We think so. Why? Because there needs to be a better representation of what our sector of the Midwest has to offer. The biggest setbacks to bringing a new brand into the world is knowledge and money, and we can help with both of those hurdles. We have the know-how and the means of production to make things happen, and we want to share it with those that have been with us and supported us over the years and give something meaningful back to them in return. First up we give you CURB CUTS, the brainchild of Shawn "the Butcher" Hughes. Shawn doesn't just stop into the shop between shopping sprees at the mall, or after a hard day of shopping online. He has been part of our dysfunctional family basically since our doors opened in 2010, he has always referred people to the shop, he has a genuine interest in art and screen-printing, he speaks his mind and most importantly he appreciates a good curb slashing. For that we salute him and have pledged our full support to help him get his ideas off the ground. Look for new CURB CUTS apparel coming soon!

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