Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Jolly Roger "Artist for Hire" Stickers

We have been screen-printing a lot of stickers lately since we started printing them in-house. So our stickers are bigger and better than before! This is my favorite sticker out of our latest batch of stickers. I will be sending some of these limited edition stickers to Zach Friendly and the rest will be put into the Jolly Roger Archives. If you really want one they will cost you 100 pennies.

THE STORY BEHIND THE STICKER, IN A NUT SHELL: Zach Friendly was doodling on a beach somewhere enjoying his vacation time away from being a tug boat captain. > He was observed by two people on the beach and they approached him and inquired about him drawing their portrait. > He agreed to their request for his services and they all agreed to $5. in return for his drawing. > Unbeknownst to the sitters they did not realize that Zach doesn't consider himself a portrait artist. > Zach cranked out the portrait and from what is understood Zach did the best that he could and when he ran out of ideas he added a "stick-figure" arm to complete the portrait. > The sitters only ended up giving him $1. for his time.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: There are many life lessons that can be gained from this story, but the most important is to just buy the sticker and support your local skate shop.

The artist formerly known as Zachary.

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