Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Jolly Roger Bug Out Bags!

Don't be scared, be prepared. Our JOLLY ROGER BUG OUT BAG is not guaranteed to get you through the upcoming apocalypse but it's a start. This version of our Jolly Roger Tactical Back Pack includes: First Aid Kit, Multi Function Compass Kit (mirror, level, flint components, whistle, magnifier, led light), Travel Axe, Survival Blanket, Matches, Folding Stove with Canned Cooking Fuel, Mess Kit and Canteen Kit. And there is still room left over in this compact tactical backpack for whatever else you will need.


  1. One of the things that must be included in your bug out bag is an emergency blanket. There are lightweight ones that fold into one compact mini pack so make sure to get those. Hypothermia is deadly so a good and warm blanket is your best option for survival. It will protect you from the cold and rain. Here's a good site that featured the best emergency blankets around. I saw their reviews and it was quite comprehensive. See this link

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