Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jolly Roger Drip-Drip Sale!

Support the JOLLY ROGER FLOOD RELIEF PROGRAM and save some of your hard earned cash! Yesterday we came into the shop with a slight case of water damage. The good news is that the cause was not the flooding that has been happening all over the Midwest due to heavy rains. The bad news is that the the tenant above the shop had a washing machine malfunction causing it to flood and leak into a small part of the shop. We were lucky enough to catch the problem early enough to save a majority of the product that could have been lost. But we do have a stack of 20+ decks that got slightly damp (not damaged or warped) that we will be selling for $15 (w/grip) and a few S-One helmets (that no longer have packaging) for $15 off the retail price. So, stop in, disregard the chaos, and save some cash on decks and S-One helmets! #jollyrogerskateboards #sale #midwestflooding #dripdrip #decksale #helmetsale

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