Thursday, June 29, 2017

JULY 15th: Roller Skate Maintenance Day - Wax Hands - Raffle

Join Dr Dredd (Atom Allstar, St Louis Gatekeeper and Team Missouri) at the shop on July 15th for a Roller Skate Maintenance Class. He will be there to answer any questions that you might have about your skates and give you a few pointers on skates in general.

Stop by and make your own wax art by creating your own wax hand mold. If you have never heard of making "Wax Hands" don't worry, neither had we but it looks fun to do. It is fun for the kids, but it's also fun for the kid trapped in every adult that just wants to get a wax mold of their own "middle finger", "shocker" or "devil horns". *Prices range from $5. to $8. depending on how many colors are used. To see how its done check out this video:

Win a set of outdoor Atom Wheels, a Sisu Mouthguard, a set of Monkey Bearings or some other swag by Jolly Roger Skateboards!

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